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Hope of a Homecoming

Author: Brendan O'Rourke, Ph D., DeEtte Sauer
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576833766
Pages: 221
Year Printed:
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Fight for the life of your prodigal child by using the most powerful weapon of all - Prayer.
If your son or daughter has headed down the prodigal path, you have probably experienced many episodes of anger, fear, and despair. But there is reason for hope, even during the worst of times.

In The Hope of a Homecoming, authors O'Rourke and sauer share their personal experiences about dealing with their own prodigals. They also offer empowering and professional advice on going deep beneath the surface to enlist and direct God's sovereign power toward the children of our hearts. You will find key Scriptures, written prayers, coping strategies, and practical advice on such topics as:
Conquering fear
Recognizing anger and using it constructively
Praying for protection
Waiting when He is silent
Gaining a new perspective.

Tune out Satan's lies of hopelessness. Learn to look at life and your prodigal's situation through God's eyes and respond to it with calm confidence. The Hope of a Homecoming gives insightful help and encourages parents to pray their prodigals home. It is a time filled with heartache, but there are ways to make it easier.


PART 1: Prodigals and Prayer
  1.  Our Prodigals
  2.  Who Is a Prodigal?
  3.  What Kind of Prayers Make a Difference?
PART 2: Coping
  4.  Using Prayer to Cope with the Pain
  5.  Releasing Guilt and Shame
  6.  Conquoring Fear
  7.  Recognizing Anger & Using it Constructively
  8.  Grieving Losses
PART 3: Entrusting
  9.  Praying for Protection
10.  Pleading for Repentance
11.  Waiting for an Answer
12.  But If Not
13.  Teasures in the Darkness
PART 4: Homecoming
14.  Gaining a New Perspective
15.  Preparing for the Return
16.  Reconciling
17.  His Splendor for Your Child
A.Quiet Time Strategies
B.Scripture Prayers
About the Authors
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