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Turning Committees into Communities

Author: Roberta Hestenes
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891093022
Pages: 32
Year Printed:
A surprisingly effective means for preventing worker burnout, while boosting morale at the same time
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There are two groups of people in your church. Those who do most of the work (they run the programs, organize the activities, staff the committees), and those who thrive on the relational activities (small groups, social get-togethers, etc.).

The workers keep things running smoothly, but often at their own expense. Feeling used, burned out, and unappreciated, they wonder why more people aren't "committed" to the church.

Relational members, on the other hand, provide much of the warm, community atmosphere that can make people feel at home in a church, but they typically shy away from formal, task-oriented responsibilities (often to the chagrin of the first group!).

However, when committees are redesigned to function as communities, wonderful changes begin to take place. Meetings become more productive, group members start looking forward to serving, and the overall spirit of the church begins to improve.

So if your church is looking for a fresh, more effective way to accomplish its goals, let Roberta Hestenes show you how in Turning Committees into Communities. It's the best way to demonstrate the ministry of the church, while also carrying out the ministry of the church.


- A Word of Explanation
- Looking at the Church
- Drawing Relational People into Mission
- Distinctions Between Committees & Communities
- Clarifying Expectations: Roles & Responsibilities in   Committee Work
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