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When God is the Life of the Party

Author: Norm & Becky Wretlind
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576834374
Pages: 188
Year Printed:
Reaching Neighbors Through Creative Hospitality
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Mr. & Mrs. Jones live next door. They seem pretty friendly. Their yard always looks nice and they drive a new Toyota. But is that all we know about them? What steps are we taking to truly share our lives with them?

Intentional hospitality is the answer. With a correct, biblical perspective, we can learn to show God's love without fear or anxiety. Our lives can be full of natural opportunities to witness and display His grace. But often we need to make the first move before we can connect with those who live near us.

This book - When God is the Life of the Party - invites us to shift our perspective on hospitality and see it as an incredible God-given strategy to share our lives and faith with those around us. With a comforting tone and numerous anecdotes, the authors show us that we needn't worry: Most of our neighbors would love to know us and are searching for real answers to life's tough questions. That's why they are so responsive to our invitation to a neighborhood party.

So take a chance. When you open your front door to others, you open your heart. You'll find that God will use you in people's lives. As you step out of your comfort zone and into your neighbor's lives, "keeping up with the Joneses" will take on a whole new meaning.


  1.  The Magnet of Hospitality
  2.  Love Thy Neighborhood
  3.  Seeing Neighbors from God's Perspective
  4.  It Takes a Fight
  5.  Prayer: Laying the Foundation
  6.  Planning a Neighborhood Party
  7.  It's Party Time
  8.  Creating a Neighborhood Fellowship
  9.  Reality Check: Handling Tough Situations
10.  A Family Affair: Leaving a Legacy
11.  Putting It All Together
Appendix A: Christmas Party Icebreaker Games
Appendix B: Tips for Writing a Testimony
Appendix C: Your After-Party Questionnaire
Appendix D: Planning Suggestions for Future Ministry to Neighbors
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