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Prayer Cards - Power-Packed Prayers for Public Schools

Author: Ida Rose Heckard
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576839010
Year Printed:
Packet of 50
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Have you been in your child's school lately? Have you heard God's name used with reverence, or with contempt? Is it hard for your child to live a life of witness for God in their school without being mocked? Read on!

With fifty cards in a package, each card contains twenty-one power-packed prayers for parents of children in public schools to pray over their school. For example:
10. Rejected students."Lord, come alongside those children who feel rejected by their peers or teachers. Plant people in their lives who will love them unconditionaly. In your divine wisdom Lord,convict the students and teachers who ostracize these children." (Is. 1:17)
18. Christian programs. "Father, I pray for abundant blessings on programs that bring Christ into this public school. Help the groups who sponsor such programs function according to Your Word and in harmony with each other. BLess the leaders and bring forth new and growing believers."

These prayer cards are easy to use, and can be tucked in your Bible, taped to your computer monitor or propped on the window-sill as you do dishes, so you can support your children, and the others in the public schools in your home town in prayer, on a daily basis.

There are approximately fifty cards per packet. They are ideal to hand out to parent groups, or to give to Christian teachers, so that those who pray for the children and teachers can make a difference for God.

Book Dimensions: 9 x 22 cm.
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