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Prayer Cards - Month of Prayers for Your Wife

Author: Bryce Bouchard
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576839287
Year Printed:
Packet of 50
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Christian husbands, as the scriptural head and leader of families, face a huge task. Who better to help them than their wives? But what if your wife has some needs that seem to make it hard for her to be a co-leader in your home, following after God and His righteousness?

Then, these cards of A Month of Prayers For Your Wife From Psalm 119 may be part of the answer. These Biblically-based prayers are a way of showing your wife that you love and cherish her, and want her to prosper spiritually, to encourage her, to increase her desire for the Word of God.

These prayers based on Psalm 119, will help her increase her knowledge of and saturation with the Scriptures , which will be an encouragement and a protection for you and your home. The following are two excerpts from the card:
1. That she will learn the Word (119:7).
7. That she will be consumed with a longing for the Word at all times (119:20).

Small enough to fit in your pocket, or to tape to your computer moniter at work, or to hand out to your Men's group, these prayer cards will encourage and remind you to pray for your wife on a daily basis. The results from God will be an encouragement and affirmation to you that this is the right thing to do for your 'other half'. So why not order a package of these cards today? They will be a real help for you, as you daily pray for your family and your mate.

Book Dimensions: 9 x 29 cm.
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