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Moments for Singles

Author: Steve Halliday, Leigh McLeroy
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576835401
Pages: 196
Year Printed:
New Life Live! Meditations
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Whether never-married or newly divorced, you know all about being single in a couples' world. For you, most advice comes from those who don't really understand what it's like to long to be married.

Leigh McLeroy writes honestly from the midst of her own struggles. She has come to learn that "the happiest, most satisfied men and women are not defined by the presence or absence of a mate. They are defined by their relationship with God."

Moments for Singles explores the issues that matter most to you. These devotionals offer hope, healing, and encouragement so you can get the most out of your time as a single. Even if it is a couples' world.


BELONGING: Living single in a doubles' world
  1.  Are You Alone?
  2.  Who Would You Call?
  3.  The Joy of First Love
  4.  The Benefits of Being Single
FORGIVENESS: Making peace with the past
  5.  Forgiving Others
  6.  Forgiving Yourself
  7.  The One Who Doesn't Need Forgiving
HEALING: Living beyond loss
  8.  Healing a Broken Heart
  9.  Never Again!
10.  The Ring Game
11.  Losing to Gain
HOPE: Staying positively expectant
12.  Holding Fast to Hope
13.  One Bright Red Bird
14.  Expecting Good Things
PURPOSE: Redeeming the days
15.  The Best Laid Plans
16.  Single on Purpose
17.  The Waiting Place
18.  We Interrupt This Program
PERMISSION: Living life in the 'now'
19.  Permission to Grow
20.  Permission to Grieve
21.  Permission to Serve
PERSPECTIVE: Managing marriage expectations
22.  What Do You Expect?
23.  Greener Grass
24.  Lisette's Window
VULNERABILITY: Letting yourself be known
25.  Is That A Mask You're Wearing?
26.  Keeping It Real
27.  Loving the Holy One
COMMUNITY: Cultivating interdependence
28.  Community's Not "Virtual"
29.  No Weddings and Three Funerals
30.  Extended Family
RELATING: Loving the ones you're with
31.  When Family Ties Are Tangled
32.  Loving Your Married Friends
33.  Loving Friends of the Opposite Sex
34.  Dating and Relating
SELF-CONTROL: Saying "yes" to saying "no"
35.  Everyone's not
36.  Temptation and Transparency
37.  Starting Over
COURAGE: Making the decision to love
38.  The View from 13,000 Feet
39.  Risky Business
40.  The Courage to Leave Things Behind
JOY: Refusing to become bitter
41.  When Will I Have Joy?
42.  Simultaneous Contrast
43.  Loving Small Delights
PRESENCE: Drawing Near to God
44.  Present in Loneliness
45.  Present in Stress
46.  Present in Worship
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm.
Comments from people who have used this material:

"Leigh makes it clear that under God the single life can be a full life and a season for accomplishment - whether or not that season lasts a lifetime."
Jeannette George
Founder and artistic director of A. D. Players, a Christian Drama Company, writer; speaker

"Challenging. Transparent. Engaging. Leigh McLeroy's honesty and wisdom will encourage you to dream and to follow strong after the God who relentlessly pursues you."
Ben Young
co-author The Ten Commandments of Dating and host of nationally syndicated radio show The Single Connection

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