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How to Stay Christian in High School

Author: Steve Gerali
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576834244
Pages: 127
Year Printed: 2004
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Following Christ isn't easy - especially in High School. You know full-well the pressures and stress that high schoolers experience today. As if it weren't hard enough to try to pass A.P. English, make the varsity hockey team, and stay out of trouble, you're constantly hearing about how you need to be a "good Christian." It's not easy.

Being Christian might be tough, but it's worth it. How to Stay Christian in High School is all about handling the temptations and pressures you face every day. There are a lot of teenagers in the Bible who also faced huge issues in their life. Their examples will encourage you to make a difference in your world - to be in the world but not of it.


1. "I Am" in Christ
2. Mary: Average Girl, Awesome Identity
3. Daniel: Not Under the Influence
4. Joseph: Would You Go for It?
5. James and John: Party Hearty
6. Timothy: Depend on Jesus
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm.
Comments from people who have used this material:
I love the fact that this book isn't a to-do-list on how to be a Christian. This much-needed message challenges students to rethink their identity and ask themselves, How will Jesus' truth affect my life today? I can't wait to get it in the hands of my own teenager, let alone my youth group.
- Doug Fields, President, Simply Youth Ministry; Author, Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry Instead of telling students what to do, Steve engages their hearts and minds in a manner that will lead to transformation and hope. I wish I had this type of spiritual encouragement when I was a younger believe in high school.
- Robin Dugall, Executive Director, Youth Leadership Institute, Azusa Pacific University Steve did it again. This real look into the lives of biblical teens as they might have sounded and lived today delivers an incredible message of love, truth, purity, and freedom. What a great book for students to think through and plug into their lives.
- Joshua Ott, youth pastor, Grace Evangelical Free Church, Cressona, Pennsylvania
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How to Stay Christian in High School
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