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Leadership Wisdom from Unlikely Voices

Author: Dave Fleming
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 310258006
Pages: 201
Year Printed: 2004
People of yesterday speak to leaders of today
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Insights from outsiders

The thing about leadership books is that it seems as though you've read them all, and even if you haven't, you probably feel like you have because leadership books fall under the category of motivation, or teambuilding, or some other overdone technique.

But leadership is more than just technique. Leadership is about people, community, change, and what's happening in the moment. No technique can encompass all that. Instead we need to hear the Unlikely Voices that teach us about the humanity of leadership.

In this new hardcover book, Dave Fleming introduces us to thinkers who speak to issues that most directly affect leaders' lives. Rather than teaching you to do something new as a leader, Fleming assembles a chorus of voices that speak to the issues of being a leader. Nouwen, Augustine, Underhill, Benedict, and others convey ideas that will enhance and deepen your approach as a leader. Each chapter includes exercises that help you:
PAUSE: get centered, get quiet, and connect your heart to what you've read.
PONDER: contemplate the ideas you have been introduced to and remember experiences and lessons learned.
PRACTICE: take new ideas and start incorporating them into your life and your leadership


INTRODUCTION: You Lead What You Eat
  1.  Aflame: The Wild Way of Leadership
  2.  The Awakened Leader
  3.  Journey: The Lens of the Leader
  4.  Energy: The Currency of Leadership
  5.  Chaos: The Leader's Friend
  6.  Incarnational Leadership
  7.  The Ecology of Soul and Community
  8.  Freedom: The Gift a Leader Needs (And Needs to Give)
  9.  Leaders as Readers
EPILOGUE: Hearing Voices
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