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My Crazy, Imperfect, Christian Family

Author: Glenn T. Stanton
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576834039
Pages: 221
Year Printed: 2004
Living our your faith with those who know you best.
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Let's face it - home is probably the toughest place to live out our faith. It is so easy to hurt the ones we love. Or to just put our lives on autopilot after a hard day's work. And as much as we want to be good parents, spouses, and children, families inevitably let each other down.

But God uses family in huge ways -- the good, the bad, the ugly, even the really ugly parts -- to bring about His work in our lives. As Glenn Stanton shows us, every time we change diapers, read Bluberries for Sal, paint the kitchen, or reach out to a drug-addicted daughter, it can be an opportunity to be like Christ. Being a Christian in your family isn't about being perfect, -- it's about being open to how God wants to change you. With God's help, allow yourself to be real where it counts, in all those crazy or boring, broken or seamless moments of family life. It is there that God does some of His greatest work!


Where Is This Book Going and How Will We Get There?
  1.  Loving Christ in Your Family
  2.  Why Do We Hurt The Ones We Love?
  3.  What Does a Christian Care About Family Anyway?
  4.  Sex: Where It All Starts
  5.  Being Someone's Spouse
  6.  Being Someone's Parent
  7.  Being Someone's Child
  8.  Myths of a Christian Family
  9.  Enemies of a Christian Family
10.  What Makes a Christian Home?
11.  Ending with the First Thing for Christian Families
AFTERWORD Putting It All Together
About the Author
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