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Opening The Door

Author: Ron Bennett and Larry Glabe
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576833469
Pages: 102
Year Printed: 2004
Tools For Leading An Evangelistic Bible Study
Includes a Reproducible Study of the Gospel of Luke

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A Discipleship Tool To Help You Reach Anyone, Anywhere!

Introducing others to Christ in today's society is a challenging mission. In the past, merely inviting people to church was an effective way to get them interested in Christianity. But times have changed, and so should out evangelistic approach. We need new strategies, updated discipleship tools, and unique ways to present these tools.

Opening the Door meets these criteria. Intended to be non-threatening, this user-friendly workbook is full of tips on preparation, being an effective facilitator, and engaging new seekers. Session planning is easy - just choose one of the twenty-one Discovery Guides. Each Discovery Guide is contained on a single page and includes a Scripture passage from the gospel of Luke and eight relevant discussion questions. Other important features of Opening the Door:

    • The Discovery Guides can be photocopied and used for every new group or individual you intend to reach
    • Since leaders and seekers explore the passages together, little preparation is required
    • Scripture passages are readily available on the worksheets to they don't have to be looked up in a Bible
    • The flexible format allows you to select the passages that best fit your audience
    • You can use the suggested topic sequences or make up your own
    • Discussions can be completed in less than an hour at a restaurant, home, or office
    • Includes a leader's guide, pages for note-taking, and background information on each of the selected Scriptures

Whether you're a "natural" evangelist just looking for innovative discipleship methods, or a new group leader in need of a structured plan, you'll definitely want to add Opening the Door to your expanding ministry toolbox.


The Challenge
    Wanted: Mountain Climber
    Reaching People Where They Are
    Learning Through Illustration
    The Final Challenge
Leader's Guide
    Using the Discovery Guides
    Sharing Salvation
Leader Preparation Materials
Discovery Guides
    A. Basic Laws of Spiritual Economics
    B. Spiritual Journey
    C. Bridge Illustration
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