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Small Group Leadership as Spiritual Direction

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Don't just lead a small group, direct it.
Learn how the ancient discipline of spiritual direction can help you create a sacred space in which God can move and speak. By staying open and attentive to Christ's calling for others, you speak his words to others. Implement this time-tested practice so you can lovingly guide others closer to the Father.

Members of your small group look to you for answers. They bring their raw questions and intimate needs to you, looking for wisdom and understanding. How can you encourage your group to consider the Holy Spirit's voice?

"Spiritual direction is an ancient art of being with another person in relationship with God," writes author Heather Webb. This time-tested practice requires that you remain attentive and open to divine interactions you might otherwise miss. Field-tested through the author's years of experience, Small Group Leadership as Spiritual Direction will help you:
- Avoid common small-group pitfalls
- Take on difficult questions
- Speak God's words into other's lives
- Deepen your group's desire for God

The exciting discipline of spiritual direction allows you to create a space in which the Holy Spirit can move among your group. As you begin to discern Christ's call in the lives of others, you will see your ministry with a new perspective and uncover new ways to direct your group, not just lead it.


  1. Soul Hunger
  2. Christian Community
  3. Today's Small Groups
  4. Small Groups and Spiritual Needs
  5. Small Group Dynamics
Interlude 1: A Tale of Spiritual Direction
  1. The Challenges of Spiritual Direction
  2. Spiritual Direction in Practice
  3. Spiritual Direction Versus Counseling
  4. Cross-Cultural Concerns and Directions
Interlude 2: A Tale of Direction Concluded
  1. The Bridge to Postmodernism
  2. Small Group Issues
  3. The Story-Centered Group
  4. The Text-Centered Group
  5. The Prayer-Centered Group
Book Dimensions: 15 x 23 cm.
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