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Pilgrimage Growth Guide -God's Will

Author: Dudley Delffs
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576830864
Pages: 91
Year Printed: 1998
Seeking God's Will

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How do you know if you're living in God's will?

It's often difficult to discern God's will for our lives. We want to obey, yet obedience isn't always the hard part - it's knowing what to obey that confuses us. If God would plainly tell us what to do, we'd do it.

This eight-week Pilgrimage guide will introduce you and your group to some of the fundamental issues surrounding God's will. It will also help you explore the important role community plays in interpreting our Father's voice through Scripture, the Spirit's leading, and the counsel of others. The goal of this study is to help your group become a forum where members can learn to discern God's will together rather than just learning what God's will means.

The Pilgrimage Series is designed to foster spiritual growth in a group setting. By incorporating relationship-building into each session, Pilgrimage guides will help your group translate learning into practice.


1. Gridlock
2. Persons or Pod People?
3. God's Agenda
4. Does God Still Speak
5. Asking Directions
6. Help from Our Friends
7. Practice, Practice
8. Freedom to Fail
Discussion Leader's Section
Participant Preparation time: None min.
Group Discussion time: 60-90 min.
Difficulty Level: Growing Believers
Leader's Guide: Notes included
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21.5 cm.
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Pilgrimage Growth Guide -God's Will
$8.39 with TAX
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