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Fisherman - James

Author: Chuck and Winnie Christensen
Publisher: Shaw
ISBN: 877884218
Pages: 48
Year Printed: 1993/2001
Faith in Action
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Put some muscle behind your faith. We live in a world characterized by instability, materialism, and words without actions. Centuries ago, the apostle James could not envision the world we would live in, but he did address the issues we would ace.

Building a bridge between first-century Christianity and our lives today, this inductive studyguide calls you to an active allegiance to Jesus Christ and a commitment to living out your faith through action.

Fisherman Bible Studyguides include:
  • Penetrating questions that generate discussion
  • Flexible format for group or individual needs
  • Helpful leader's notes
  • Emphasis on daily application of Bible truth

How to Use This Studyguide
  1. Joyful Perseverance
  2. Steady Under Stress
  3. Listening and Doing
  4. Loving Without Judging
  5. Faith-Full Deeds
  6. Watching Our Words
  7. Heavenly Wisdom
  8. Humble Submission
  9. Keeping Perspective
  10. Patience and Prayer
Leader's Notes
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Fisherman - James
$10.49 with TAX