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Real Stuff: Juggling Chainsaws On A Tightrope

Author: Navpress
Publisher: New Leaf
ISBN: 9781576838198
Pages: 126
Year Printed: 2005
Real Life Stuff for Men on Stress

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Cue The Circus Music "Hey , Jim, I'm going to need that TPS report by noon" [one chainsaw] "Jim, don't forget we are going to my mother's for dinner tonight." [two chainsaws] "Daddy, do you have time to help me with my homework?" [yet another chainsaw]

Men have to juggle dozens of chainsaws, err, responsibilities - all while walking a treachrous tightrope demanding our spiritual and physical balance. With all its demands and pressures, life can feel like a bizarro circus act. But you can be the spiritual ringleader you want to be. Take eight weeks to study a biblical approach to thriving under pressure. Learn to master the art of Juggling chainsaws on a tightrope - or at least try to improve your skills a little bit at a time.

Designed for small-group use (yet just as hospitable for a solo act), studies in the Real Life Stuff for Men series don't demand a seminary-trained leader at the helm. These studies help participants discover personalized application and offer an accountability system to make sure the changes stick.

How to Use This Discussion Guide
Small-Group Study Tips
1. I Can't Keep up with the Workload
2. I Don't make Enough Money
3. I Can't do ENough to Satisfy my Wife
4. My Kids Demand too Much of Me
5. Who's Looking out for Me
6. I'm not Holding Up my End of a Friendship
7. My Leash is too Short
8. Hope
Discussion Leader's Section
Participant Preparation time: None min.
Group Discussion time: 60 min.
Difficulty Level: Growing Believer
Leader's Guide: Included
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm.
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