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HighQuest - His Works

Author: The Navigators
Publisher: Navigator Resource Centre
Pages: 122
Year Printed: 2005
Level I - Know Christ Deeply
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Helping real men walk with a real God in a real world

The HighQuest Series is designed to equip men to know Christ by learning to meet with Him daily, to reflect the character of Christ by anchoring your life on key Scriptural principles and to reproduce Christ by communicating His story effectively in the world where you live and work.

In the HighQuest Series you will sharpen the skills of meeting with God, you'll gain a stronger grip on Scripture by memorizing key Biblical passages for men and you'll be trained to share the message of Christ in a non-pushy but engaging way.

While you are learning these key spiritual climbing skills you will focus on three issues key to your spiritual development. In HighQuest I: His Works, you will learn to live form the truth regarding who God is and who you are in Christ. In HighQuest II: His Image, you will center on living out a transformed life that is authentic and integrated. And in HighQuest III: His Story, your goal is to live as an ambassador for Christ in a broken world. Come join the Quest!

  1. God is My Creator
  2. God is My Judge
  3. God is My Ruler
  4. God is My Provider
  5. God is My Father
  6. In Christ I am a New Creation
  7. In Christ I am Holy
  8. In Christ I am Secure
  9. In Christ I am Complete
  10. In Christ I am Significant
Discussion Leader's Section
Participant Preparation time: 20 PER DAY min.
Group Discussion time: 30-60 min.
Difficulty Level: Growing believers
Leader's Guide: no
Book Dimensions: 15 x 22 cm.
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