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To Own a Dragon

Author: Donald Miller & John MacMurray
Publisher: Tyndale
ISBN: 9781576837313
Pages: 218
Year Printed: 2006
Reflections on Growing Up Without a Father
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Description: Dad
A universal word imbued with deeply personal meaning. For some, it defines security. Encouragement. Identity. For others, Dad is the stuff of urban legend, as mythic in stature as any dragon, because while everyone has a father, not everyone has a dad. With his trademark humor and gut-level honesty, Donald Miller reveals his personal journey of redemption through the American crisis of fatherlessness.

Donald Miller, with mentor John MacMurray, shares life lessons informed by his father's absence, delivered with his trademark transparency and unerring eye for life's quirks. And as he weaves through a revolving cast of unsuspecting father figures, Donald mines a jagged personal terrain that yields stories rich in wit and observations marked by wisdom and hope.

Author Bio:
Donald Miller is a writer, campus ministry leader, and speaker. He is the author of Blue Like Jazz, Searching for God Knows What, and Through Painted Deserts.

For over twenty years, John MacMurray has taught Bible at the college level and directed youth programs. He is an internationally recognized nature photographer who has been featured in National Geographic, Sierra Club, and numerous other publications.

  1. The Replacements: We've Got Men on the Ground
  2. Our Problem: To Own a Dragon
  3. The Mentor: Terri Said I Could Make a Sandwich
  4. Belonging: What the Eisenhowers Knew
  5. Spirituality: God Is Fathering Us
  6. Authority: The Thing About Choppy Air
  7. Manhood: The Right Equipment
  8. Making Decisions: How To Stay Out of Prison
  9. Girls: The Thing Tony Said
  10. Sex: The Value of the Dollar in Argentina
  11. Integrity: How To Pay for a Free Cell Phone
  12. Work Ethic: How the Chinese Do War
  13. Education: Jordan and Mindy's Dog
  14. Spirituality: An Education toward Empathy
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