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Living the Kingdom in Our Neighbourhood Level Two

Author: Cheryl Bradbee
Publisher: Navigator Resource Centre
ISBN: not assigned
Year Printed:
Learning about ourselves, our communities and our mission
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Lead your church to become an instrument of change within it's own neighbourhood!

Neighbourhoods - we all have them: big or small, urban or rural. Our relationship and our responsibility to our own neighbourhood requires thought and discovery. How can we in our churches function mpre pro-actively within our sphere of influence? There are many questions and there are also good answers. For those who will engage in study and group planning, exciting projects will surely emerge!

Cheryl Bradbee's purpose is to help churches "discover" their neighborhoods and their ministry opportunities.
  • Designed to assist churches in really knowing their community, their Biblical mission and themselves
  • Enables churches to make effective choices about reaching out
  • Challenging and enjoyable for everyone
  • Nine sessions combine Bible study, prayer, group planning and practical projects

  1. Where are we now?
    - Getting ready for study 2 involves reflection on the results of the action taking in level one. Then make a commitment to several activities to lead into study 2.
  2. What are the assets and needs of our community?
    - Looking at neighbourhoodpossibilities. Focus on discerning resources and needs in the neighbourhood.
  3. How do we build community? Part 1
    - A Bible study on gifts and abilities.
  4. How do we build community? Part 2
    - Neighbouring and being neighboured.
  5. Why should we be involved in local community?
    - A Bible study on church-societyrelationships.
  6. What are we communicating to this neighbourhood?
    - A Bible study on the message ofthe church. Individuals will be inteviewed and church literature examined.
  7. Prayer Walk
    - Very similar to Prayer Walk in Level One.
  8. How are we to work together?
    - A Bible study on community building and justice.
  9. What are we being called to do?
    - A discussion for action
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