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Life You've Always Wanted Participant's Guide

Author: John Ortberg with Stephen and Amands Sorenson
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310255888
Pages: 117
Year Printed: 2004
Six Lessons on Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People
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What does true spiritual life really look like? What keeps you from living such a life? How can you pursue it?

If you're tired of the status quo - if you suspect there's more to Christianity than what you've experienced - John Ortberg invites you to join him on a road to transformation and spiritual vigor that anyone can take. The Life You've Always Wanted Zondervan Groupware guides you down the ancient path of the spiritual disciplines.

Cultivate new intimacy and confidence in prayer. Discover the freedom of secrecy. Taste the benefits of slowing life's frenetic pace. Learn how to be guided by the Holy Spirit ... and more.

As in a marathon, the secret lies not in trying harder, but in training consistently. Proven by followers of Jesus over the centuries, the spiritual disciplines are exercises that strengthen your endurance race on the road of growth. As you continue down that road, you'll see the signposts - joy, peace, kindness, and all the hallmarks of a faith that's vital, real, and growing.

The Participan't guide will help you gain maximum benefits from the interactive format of The Life You've Always Wanted Zondervan groupware. It's filled with insights, questions for discussion, and applications to help you experience the growth that comes as you integrate the spiritual disciplines into your life. Level of difficulty is Low.

  • Session 1: It's "Morphing" Time
  • Session 2: SLowing DOwn and Celebrating
  • Session 3: Praying and Confessing
  • Session4: Meditating on Scripture and Seeking Guidance
  • Session 5: Practicing Servanthood, Finding Freedom
  • Session 6: Goind the Distance with a Well-Ordered Heart
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