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Shaping of Things To Come

Author: Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch
Publisher: Hendrickson
ISBN: 1565636597
Pages: 223
Year Printed: 2003
Innovation and Mission for the 21st - Century Church
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For the first time we in the West are living in what has been called a "post-Christendom era." Most people throughout the Western world have seen what the Church has to offer, and they have found it to be wanting. The current credibility gap has made ir hard to communicate the gospel with clarity and authenticity. Paradoxically, this is the case even though it is currently a time of almost unprecedented apenness to the issues of God, faith, and meaning. This is a time when the need for, and relevance of, the gospel has seldom been greater, but the relevance of the Church has seldom been less. If ever there was a time or innovative missionary effort in the West, it is now.

This raises enormous challenges for God's people in the West. The Shaping of Things to Come explores why the Church needs to recalibrate itself, rebuilding itself from the roots up. Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch build their case around real-life stories gathered from emergent church projects from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and England. These spirited experiments of Gospel community serve to point out just how varied a genuinely incarnational approach to mission can, and indeed needs to, become. They present vital nodes of missional learning for the established Church as it seeks to orientae itself to the unique challenges of the twenty-first century.

  1. Evolution or Revolution?
  2. The Missional Church
  3. The Incarnational Approach
  4. The SHape of the Missional Church
  5. The Contextualized Church
  6. Whispering to the Soul
  7. The God of Israel and the Renewal of Christianity
  8. Action as Sacrement
  9. The Medium Really is the Message
  10. The Genius of APEPT
  11. Imagination and the Leadership Task
  12. Organizing the Revolution
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