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A Mile From Sunday

Author: Jo Kadlecek
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600060281
Pages: 300
Year Printed: 2006
The Light Foot Trilogy
A Novel
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Sometimes wolves pray in sheep's clothing

The perfect hair product is out there for gifts with uncontrollably frizzy curls. So is the perfect piece of chocolate. And so is a good, warm, fuzzy, inspirational lead story. Jonna Lightfoot McLaughlin, religion reporter for the Denver Dispatch, knows all this to be true. She just can't find proof. For any of it. Then one day a series of mysterious messages appears on her voicemail, and she is thrown into a story that may drastically affect her career, and, if she's not careful, her life.

Clues from untraceable sources collide with duplicitous ministers, ambiguous monks, and one exceptionally good-looking community center director. With the help of her supportive editor and her savvy, fellow chocoholic colleague, as well as the protection of her big brother, she might break the biggest story of the year - and find some of that inspiration after all.

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A Mile From Sunday
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