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HighQuest - His Story

Author: Navigators
Publisher: Nav Resource Centre
Pages: 191
Year Printed:
Level III - Reproduce Christ Intentionally
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His Story is designed to equip men engage in theprocess of bringing men to Christ. The culture of our day is increasingly Biblical illiterate andsubtely postmodern. We can no longer make the same assumptions we did even a few years ago. People today often do not understand or believe in a Biblical worldview. The strategy of justsharing the "gospel" with people becomes unintelligible to an audience that does not understandGod's story revealed in Scripture

This unit teaches a seven step process of outreach. Each step is like establishing a base campfor a climb to the top of a majestic mountain. Multiple base camps are necessary for climbers toacclimate on their way to the top. Along the way, climbers need help from guides (sherpas) whocan help carry the load, show the way and set up base camps. Coming to a faith basedrelationship with Christ is like reaching the summit.

  1. God's Heart for People
  2. The Journey to Faith
    • Mountain Climbing Metaphor
    • Heart for Heaven Chart
  3. Spiritual Guides
    • Base Camp Strategy
  4. God's Story
    • Base Camp 1
  5. Creation and Crisis
    • Base Camp 2
  6. Confusion and Clarity
  7. Connection and Completion
  8. Greatest Story ever Told
    • Lifeline Illustration
  9. Gospel: Our Problem
    • Base Camp 3
    • An Investigative Bible Discussion
  10. Gospel: God's Solution
  11. Gospel: Our Response
    • Base Camp 4
  12. A New Beginning
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HighQuest - His Story
$8.80 with TAX
You Save$8.37 (50%)
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