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HighQuest I - Women of Distinction

Author: Navigators
Publisher: Nav Resource Centre
Pages: 140
Year Printed: 2005
Knowing Christ Deeply
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HighQuest I is the natural starting place for this journey to begin because it equips women to develop their relationship with Christ by Meeting with God on a daily basis. Each day a short passage of Scripture is assigned for reading and reflection as well as making a personal response. The Meeting with God plan used in this book is very simple and doable by even very busy women. Although the plan is simple, it has proved to have a profound impact on the lives of women.

  1. Session One:
    • Leaders Guide for Session One
    • Contact Information
    • Purpose of High Quest
    • Components of High Quest
    • High Quest Forum
    • High Quest Illustration
  2. Session Two
    • Leader's Guide for Session Two
    • Meeting with God Instruction
    • Spiritual Journey Timeline
  3. God is my Creator - I am wonderfully made
  4. God is my Father - I am His beloved child
  5. Christ is my Redeemer - I am set free
  6. God is Merciful - I am forgiven
  7. God is Faithful - I am secure
  8. Christ is Lord - I am dedicated to honor Him
  9. Christ is Leader - I have purpose
  10. Christ is the Giver of New Life - I am a new creation
  11. God is Holy - I am set apart
  12. God is Victorious - I can walk in victory
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HighQuest I - Women of Distinction
$8.80 with TAX
You Save$8.37 (50%)