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HighQuest II - Women of Distinction

Author: Navigators
Publisher: Nav Resource Centre
Pages: 138
Year Printed: 2005
Reflecting Christ Daily
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High Quest II addresses the issue of transformation. As our personal relationship with Christ grows, our lives need to reflect Christ in all we do. This requires that we be transformed in our hearts and minds. This transformation process is much like what happens to a caterpillar when it goes through metamorphosis and becomes a beautiful butterfly. We all have the potential to experience all that God intended for his children but we must cooperate with the work of the Spirit in our lives and be transformed.

  1. Session One
    • Leader's Guide for Session One
    • Contact Information
    • Personal Profile Forms
    • Purpose of High Quest
    • Components of High Quest
    • High Quest Forum
    • High Quest Illustration
  2. Session two
    • Leader's Guide for Session Two
    • Meeting with God Instruction
    • Closer Look Explanation
    • Scripture Memory Explanation
    • Spiritual Journey Timeline
  3. Transformation from Old to New
  4. Transformation from Worry to Rest
  5. Transformation from Controlling others to Trusting God
  6. Transformation from Anger to Patience
  7. Transformation from Bitterness to Forgiveness
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