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Lifeguide - Small Group Starter Kit

Author: Jeff Arnold
Publisher: IVpress
ISBN: 830810730
Pages: 64
Year Printed:
6 Studies for new groups
Price$13.39 $14.06 with TAX

Want to build significant relationships, grow in your knowledge and understanding of Scripture, and learn how to reach out to others? But you don't know where to begin? This easy-to-use guide gives you everything you need for the first meetings of a small group. Getting acquainted, setting expectations, studying Scripture - it's all here in a step-by-step format that's sure to get you started on the right foot.

  1. Why Small Groups?
  2. A Relationship-Building Community
  3. A Growing Community
  4. An Outreaching Community
  5. A Connected Community
  6. A Covenanting Community
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