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Simply Christian - Why Christianity Makes Sense

Author: N.T. Wright
Publisher: Harper
ISBN: 9780060507152
Pages: 240
Year Printed: 2006
Making Sense of Faith
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Why do we expect justice? Why do we crave spirituality? Why are we attracted to beauty? Why are relationships often so painful? And how will the world be made right? These are not simply perennial questions all generations must struggle with, but, according to N. T. Wright, are the very echoes of a voice we dimly perceive but deeply long to hear. In fact, these questions take us to the heart of who God is and what he wants from us.

Simply Christian walks the reader through the Christian faith step by step and question by question. With simple yet exciting and accessible prose, Wright challenges skeptics by offering explanations for even the toughest doubt-filled dilemmas, leaving believers with a reason for renewed faith. For anyone who wants to travel beyond the controversies that can obscure what the Christian faith really stands for, this simple book is the perfect vehicle for that journey.

  1. Putting the World to Right
  2. The Hidden Spring
  3. Made for Each Other
  4. For the Beauty of the Earth
  5. God
  6. Israel
  7. Jesus and the Coming of God's Kingdom
  8. Jesus: Rescue and Renewal
  9. God's Breath of Life
  10. Living by the Spirit
  11. Worship
  12. Prayer
  13. The Book God Breathed
  14. The Story and the Task
  15. Believing and Belonging
  16. New Creation, Starting Now
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