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They Like Jesus But Not The Church

Author: Dan Kimball
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978035902
Pages: 260
Year Printed: 2007
Insights from emerging generations
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Ask someone today if he or she likes Jesus, and the answer is usually yes. But ask if that person likes the church, and chances are you will get a far less favorable response.

Statistics reveal an unsettling exudus from the church by younger people who are "spiritual, but not religious." This is no passing trend we can afford to ignore. But there is great hope.

In They Like Jesus but Not the Church you will encounter the firsthand thoughts and feelings of those who find Jesus attractive but don't care for organized religion. Here are insights that will allow you to respond truthfully, caringly, and engagingly to such concerns as: Isn't the church just organized religion that is politically motivated? Is the church homophobic? Does it take the entire Bible literally? Does the church repress women? Is it judgemental and negative? Does it arrogantly think all other religions are wrong?

Church leaders, parnets, and those interested in emerging generations - this book shows you positive examples of churches that are connecting with emerging generations without compromising thruth.

  1. I probably wouldn't like Christians if I weren't one
  2. Why I escaped the church office
  3. Jesus as Son of God and plastic action figure
  4. Meeting those who like Jesus
  5. The church is an organized religion with a political agenda
  6. The church is judgemental and negative
  7. The church is dominated by males and oppresses females
  8. The church is homophobic
  9. The church arrogantly claims all other religions are wrong
  10. The church is full of fundamentalists who take the whole Bible literally
  11. What they wish church were like
  12. Our two biggest barriers
  13. A great hope for the future
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They Like Jesus But Not The Church
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