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Forgotten Ways

Author: Alan Hirsch
Publisher: Hendrickson
ISBN: 9781587431647
Pages: 293
Year Printed: 2007
Reactivating the Missional Church
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Alan Hirsch is convinced that the inherited formulas for growing the Body of Christ do not work any more. Rather than relying on slightly revised solutions from the past, he envisions the church's future growth transpiring by harnessing the power of the early church.

The Forgotten Ways explores the concept of Apostolic Genius as a way to understand what caused the church to expand at various times in history, interpreting it for use in our own time and place. From theological underpinnings to practical application, Hirsch takes the reader through this dynamic mixture of passion, prayer, and incarnational practice to discover the dormant potential of the modern church in the West.


Section One: The Making of a Missionary

  1. Setting the Scene, Part 1: Confessions of a Frustrated Missionary
  2. Setting the Scene, Part 2: Denominational and Translocal Perspectives

Section Two: A Journey to the Heart of Apostolic Genius

  1. The Heart of It All: Jesus Is Lord
  2. Disciple Making
  3. Missional-Incarnational Impulse
  4. Apostolic Environment
  5. Organic Systems
  6. Communitas, Not community
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