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Unfinished Business

Author: Greg Ogden
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310246190
Pages: 270
Year Printed: 2003
Returning The Ministry To The People OF God
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The Reforamtion restored the Scriptures to the people, but the job was only halfway finished. Today the church is awakening to the truth that ministry is not just the domain of the clergy, but belongs to the entire body of Christ. God is moving her to complete her unfinished business of placing the ministry back in the hands of the people.

Unfinished Business has played a pivotal part in helping the church reclaim ministry at the grassroots level. First published in 1990 as The New Reformation, it has become a classic resource for church life. Expanding on and updating the original material with fresh examples and references to eight key movements, this new edition lays foundations for the church to move from:

  • Passive to active
  • Clergy to people of God
  • Maintenance to mission
  • Teacher/caregiver to equipping enabler
Pointing us back to the church as an organism, not an institution, author Greg Ogden shows how each of us is called to help finish the Reforation's unfinished business: expressing the priesthood of every believer practically in the church, the world, and all avenues of life.

Greg Ogden is the executive pastor of discipleship at Christ Church in Oak Brook Illinois, and served previously as director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Fuller Theological Seminary. He has more than twenty-four years of experience in pastoral ministry in churches in California and Pennsylvania. With degrees from UCLA and Fuller Theological Seminary, Dr. Ogden is also author of Discipleship Essentials and Making Disciples Jesus' Way.

  1. The Church as Organism: Together We Have It All
  2. The Institutional Entrapment of the Church
  3. Unveiling Our Institutional Mind-Set
  4. Shifting from Institution to Organism
  5. Dependency: A Counterproductive Model of Ministry
  6. A Biblical Vision of an Equipping Ministry
  7. Implementing the Equipping Model of Ministry
  8. Who Are the Equippers?
  9. Servant Leadership: Empowering the Body for Its Ministry
  10. Call and Ordination in the New Reformation
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Unfinished Business
$18.47 with TAX
You Save$4.40 (20%)