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Bigger Life

Author: Annette Smith
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576839959
Pages: 289
Year Printed: 2006
An Eden Plain Novel
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Joel Carpenter's life was never supposed to turn out this way. But after making a careless choice four years ago, his marriage was permanently shattered. Living in a small town deep in the heart of Texas, he now finds himself estranged from his ex-wife, Kari, and sharing custody of their son.

Just when Joel thinks the worst is behind him, he realizes he is facing his greatest challenge yet. And in the midst of deep tragedy, Joel is learning that forgiveness is way more important than freedom.

Bonus Content includes:

  • Reader's Guide
  • A conversation with Annette Smith
  • About Hospice
  • About the Author
"When I picked up this book, I did not have great expectations. Was I wrong! Soon after reading the first few chapters I was captured by the story   written from Joel s viewpoint   a single Dad, with many life challenges, and many friends who came around him during his hard times. It showed the evolution of his character from unwilling single Dad to happy, fulfilled Dad and semi-husband (read the book to find out more about this) and the many people from many churches who chose to become involved in his life. This book also follows Joel s search for his Creator   he felt unworthy to be loved by God. Through his trials and good times too, Joel learns that forgiveness is way more important than freedom. He learned love is not the opposite of freedom either. Joel s girlfriend/wife/divorced wife/friend Kari has a role in his growth, as does his son Colton, but to get the full effect of this marvelous story   read the book!" - B.Ruth Funk

I devoured A Bigger Life in one sitting because I didn't want to leave Joel Carpenter's world. The writing is fresh and funny and made me want to put my arms around the characters. Kudos to Annette.
ELIZABETH WHITE/ author of Fireworks and Fair Game

A Bigger Life is a touching look at authentic people grappling with complicated choices and painful circumstances. If you enjoy modern Southern drama with well-drawn characters and a beckoning plot, pick up this book.
MARY DeMUTH/ author of Watching the Tree Limbs and Wishing on Dandelions

<>I'm a guy, therefore I do not gush. But I may make an exception for Annette. What a masterful piece of writing. One of the most believable, authentic, honest books I have ever read. Annette Smith has just set a new standard for Christian novelists.
DAVE MEURER/ author of Mistake It Like a Man

A Bigger Life is a powerful, moving story of loss and redemption, hope and grace. Beautifully told, soulful and honest, this is a story not to be missed.
MARLO SCHALESKY/ author of Veil of Fire

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