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Becoming a True Spiritual Community

Author: Larry Crabb
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780849918841
Pages: 256
Year Printed: 2007
A profound vision of what the church can be
Price$16.50 $17.33 with TAX

In today's frenetic society, people rarely develop intimate friendships. Instead, they spend their lives essentially disconnected from others, rushing through life content with brief visits and casual conversations. But what if one were to develop a community, a spiritual community, of people who walked with and supported each other through life's journey? A community of real friends who listened to each other's personal tragedies without merely trying to fix the problems, who encouraged and nurtured each others strengths, and who accepted people for who they really are, instead of the image they try to portray. Larry Crabb explores such a place, where God can heal disconnected people and allow them to reconnect with each other and, ultimately, with Him. (previously published as The Safest Place on Earth)

  1. For God's Sake, Don't Expect It to Be Easy
  2. It's Not Easy, But It's Worth It
  3. Spiritual Community: What It Is
  4. It Takes an Armando Unspiritual Community
  5. Why Unspiritual Community Is Unspiritual
  6. Two Rooms
  7. There Is a Lower Room
  8. Lower Room Furnishings
  9. Upper Room Furnishings
  10. Turning Our Soul Toward Each Other: Three Foundational Convictions.
  11. The Fork in the Road to Spiritual Community
  12. Managers or Mystics: The Mystery of Community
  13. It's Worth the Risk
  14. Enter, See, Touch: A Way of Developing Spiritual Community
  15. Becoming spiritual Community
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