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Living and Leading from Your Holy Discontent

Author: Bill Hybels with Ashley Wiersma
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310282907
Pages: 152
Year Printed: 2007
A Companion Guide for Ministry Leaders
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What is you holy discontent?
Live it and lead from it - and you'll change the world for good!

In this companion workbook to Holy Discontent, Bill Hybels takes you on a journey to discover and deepen your own holy discontent - and then helps you to do the same for those you lead. The result? An energized, purposeful team that taps into the passions of its people to change the world for Christ.

In Living and Leading from Your Holy Discontent, you'll learn how to:

  • Illuminate your own holy discontent and communicate it to those you lead.
  • Invigorate holy discontent in others.
  • Instigate a movement of holy discontent through your ministry.

Compelling questions and practical exercises encourage you to reflect on your personal passion, equip you to provide guidance to the key people on your team, and help you to evaluate your ministry strategy. In addition, insightful prompts help you to act on what you learn, putting your holy discontent into action that will hope to a broken and hurting world.

Individually and collectively, we have the power to tackle some of the toughest issues of our time. Poverty. Broken families. HIV / AIDS. Apathy. Hungry. So tap into where God is moving in your heart and in the hearts of your people - and begin living and leading from that holy discontent today.

  1. Find it
  2. Feed it
  3. Choose the Fundamental State
  4. Create a feeding Frenzy
  5. Find Collective Holy Discontent in your staff
  6. Find Collective Holy Discontent through your strategy
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