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Maggie Come Lately

Author: Michelle Buckman
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600060823
Pages: 334
Year Printed: 2007
The Pathway Collection
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Sometimes everything you want is what you already have.

Maggie isn't exactly popular. In fact, she's pretty much invisible. While most girls are going to parties with boyfriends, she's busy acting as mother and housewife to her two brothers and father. But what she really wants is to be noticed by her brother's friend Webb. Unfortunately, he's dating the school's hottest cheerleader.

When her sixteenth birthday comes along, Maggie makes a wish: Please, Lord, let sixteen be a great year; let me be pretty and popular and let Webb . . . it's too big a dream to even put the rest into words. Then she hears a noise in the woods that she can't ignore and takes a path that changes her life forever.

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Maggie Come Lately
$12.18 with TAX
You Save$2.90 (20%)