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Your Money Or Your Life

Author: Russell Corben with Brian Smith
Publisher: Word Alive
ISBN: 9781897373156
Pages: 172
Year Printed: 2008
Can You Do Both God's Way?
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Download a free printable copy which includes: everything up to the end of Chapter 2

Winner of the 2008 Word Guild - Canadian Christian Writing Awards!

A Story-Study: Interactive Learning From The Bible

Would More Money Make You Happier?

Reverend Moss's sermon that Sunday morning had barely started. The topic was joyful generosity, and my mind soon drifted back to my warm bed. I may even have dozed off momentarily. But my tranquility was rudely shattered by a loud bellow from behind.
"I can't believe you're talking about money again! Enough gulit already! You're making people angry and turning them off!"
My head whipped around, along with four hundred others, to see a red-faced man in the last pew gesturing wildly toward the pulpit ...

My name is Joe. After the dramatic scene described above, my girlfriend Jennifer and I decided to enroll in a Bible study on money, possessions and giving. This is the story of that study group. Join us and our five fellow group members as we discuss and debate several of the most important and best-known Bible passages on money. But be warned. This is not just a journey for the mind, but for the heart as well.

  1. An Unusual Prologue
  2. Conflicting Agendas at the Doorway to Joy - Matthew 6
  3. The Rich Young Man (or Woman) - Luke 18
  4. Please Welcome Tonight's Keynote Speaker, Zacchaeus! - Luke 19
  5. Tithing: Our Financial Foundation? - Gen. 14, Lev. 27, Malachi 3, Matt. 23
  6. The Sermon on the Amount - Luke 6
  7. Two Treasuries, Two Masters - Matt. 6
  8. Don't Wory, Be ... Joyful! - Matt 6
  9. The Rich Fool: A Soul-Searching Opportunity _ Luke 12
  10. The Hilarious Giver - 2 Cor. 8
  11. Plans to Prosper You? - I Tim. 6
  12. An Eternal Investment - Mark 12
Supplemental Studies:
  • The Parable of the Talents - Matt. 25
  • Providing for an Training My Family - I Tim. 5
  • The Parable of the Good Samaritan - Luke 10
  • The Rich Man and Lazarus - Luke 16
  • Unacceptable Giving: The Deadly Consequences - Pharisees, Cain & Abel, & Ananias & Sapphira
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Your Money Or Your Life
$4.20 with TAX
You Save$11.99 (75%)
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