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Church Is A Team Sport

Author: Jim Putman
Publisher: Baker
ISBN: 9780801013027
Pages: 233
Year Printed:
Championship Strategy for a Vibrant Church
Price$19.99 $20.99 with TAX

To win the game, you need the whole team

Pastor Jim Putman, a former wrestler and coach, helped his staff build Real Life Ministries into a congregation of thousands. But there was a problem. Early on, too many sat on the sidelines. Not enough wanted a piece of the action. Jim's voice was faltering from so many sermons, and he teetered on the edge of burnout thanks to the mixed blessing of an enormous but needly flock. So he hit his knees. Hard.

God's solution surprised him. Jim Putman and his entire leadership team stood before the congregation and gave up. They were done carrying the whole load. There were too many spiritual babies, and they needed mature believers to step up. They knew there must be some raw talent hidden in the pews.

God led them to use a Bible-based strategy for ministry revitalization that can help bring your church to the next level. Whether you're a burned-out leader or someone ready to tackle an active role in your congregation, Church Is A Team Sport will lead you to both personal growth and renewed spiritual strength. If you're ready to get the whole team in the game, this is the playbook that will show you how to make it happen.

  1. Switching Jerseys: A Pastor's Journey
  2. Chasing a Dream: Looking for the Winning Church
  3. And the Scoreboard Says... :How Are We Doing?
  4. Mission Possible: God's Team Can and Should Win
  5. Winning Starts ar the Top: The Need for Coaches in the Church
  6. A Coach Worth Following: Discovering Our God-given Purpose
  7. Good Recruiting: Outreach Events, Programs, and Weekend Services
  8. Filling Out the Roster: Players Are Made, Not Born
  9. In the Huddle: The Essential Role of Small Groups
  10. The Championship Program: A Reproducible Strategy for Leadership Development Putting the Rookie In: Turning Players Loose
  11. Reading from the Same Playbook: How to Align Your Team for Victory
  12. Church Is a Team Sport: Creating a Culture of Teamwork
  13. When the Going Gets Tough: Getting Real with Each Other
  14. Focusing on the Fundamentals: The Importance of Uncluttered Christianity
  15. Recruiting New Players: Our Mission as God's Team
  16. The Growing Coach: Learning from Mistakes, Always Improving Playing Hard without Getting Hurt: Your Team and Change
  17. Only the Few, Only the Committed: Sticking to the Mission No Matter What
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