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Experiencing Leadershift

Author: Don Cousins
Publisher: Cook
ISBN: 9781434768544
Pages: 268
Year Printed: 2008
Letting Go of Leadership Heresies
Price$16.99 $17.84 with TAX

A Detour from the marketplace mentality

Fueled by the drive to be bigger and better, the modern church has adopted ideas and principles created in the corporate world. The result is a toxic mix of the spiritual and the secular, where success is measures in numbers and pastors morph into CEO superstars. In short, the church is now modeled on business instead of the Bible. So how do we get back to the essentials of church leadership?

Don Cousins presents an essential guide to rescuing the church from a marketplace mentality. Experiencing Leadershift offers practical insights for remodeling faith-based organizations. Throughout, readers will discover the catalysts for both personal and organizational leadershifts.

Application workbooks and DVD available Fall 2008

Addresses vital questions including

  • What heresies are affecting spiritual leadership?
  • Can anyone be a leader?
  • How does God measure success in ministry?
  • What is the anointing of God?
  • What is the change process?

Once a church redefines its values, and reinvigorates its church teams, the world will see a church that can make a significant impact.

  1. Leadership Heresies
  2. The High Price of Heresy
  3. The Success Heresy
  4. The Serving Heresy
  5. The Credit Heresy
  6. The Organizational Heresy
  7. Letting Go of Leadership Heresies
  8. The Blessing Factor
  9. The Zone of God's Anointing
  10. Transforming Consumers into Contributors
  11. Experiencing Leadershift
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