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Growing Givers' Hearts

Author: Thomas H. Jeavons & Rebekah Burch Basinger
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
ISBN: 9780787948290
Pages: 211
Year Printed: 2000
Treating Fundraising as Ministry
Price$35.95 $37.75 with TAX

Getting at the Heart of Fundraising

Based on a three-year, nationwide study of Christian organizations whose efforts are successful both in raising needed financial or material resources and in encouraging the spiritual development of their donors, this groundbreaking book identifies key characteristics that enable fundraising to function on both levels at once. Growing Givers' Hearts explores in detail how Christian development staff, executives, and board members can

  • make faith-building opportunities for donors their first priority
  • act on their confidence in God's abundance
  • share their resources and wisdom with other organizations
  • draw from their theological tradition in their approach to fundraising
  • involve a vital cross-section of staff in planning
  • cultivate spiritually mature leadership

With this innovative approach, Growing Givers' Hearts empowers readers to work in spiritually grounded, deeply creative, and professionally satisfying ways. Fundraisers in any Christian organization will find extraordinary insights in this important guide.


PART ONE: What Is Christian Fundraising?

  1. Creating Resources for God's Work
  2. What the Bible Says About Giving and Asking
  3. A Brief History of Christian Fundraising
  4. PART TWO: Six Essential Characteristics of Fundraising as a Ministry

  5. Confidence in God's Abundance
  6. A Holistic Perspective on "Kingdom Work"
  7. Clarity About Core Theological Beliefs
  8. Giving Donors Opportunities for Participation
  9. Integrated Organizational Planning
  10. Spiritually Mature Leadership
  11. PART THREE: The Fundraiser's Ministry

  12. Fundraising as a Calling
  13. Fundraising as an Invitation to Cooperate with God's Grace
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