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Amazing Stories

Author: The Navigators
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600063640
Year Printed: 2008
Stories from The Navigators, a two DVD set
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The Navigators history is a mosaic of thousands of wonderful stories of God at work.

This inspiring compilation of videos (DVD) produced by the U.S. Navigators Communications Department vividly tells some of those stories, giving glimpses of what God is doing all around The Navigators worldwide partnership.

Each story illustrates a distinct part of our calling, vision, or values. Many have found these stories to be useful as discussion starters, sermon illustrations, or inspiration for others considering joining hands with us in our calling.


Disc 1

  1. Our Calling
  2. Early History of the Navs
  3. John Crawford & Daws
  4. Camp LejeuneEthiopia Women at Risk
  5. Generations in California
  6. New Zealand Town & Country
  7. Tonga Generations
  8. Seattle Church Discipleship
  9. Into the Nations, San Francisco
  10. Nairobi Generations
  11. Out from Glen Eyrie
  12. US Metro Mission

Disc 2

  1. Our Vision
  2. Unpacking Our Calling
  3. Dartmouth Campus Ministry
  4. Dutch Campus Ministry
  5. Among the Lost in Mexico
  6. Indonesians Bridging the Gap
  7. Indonesian Relational Networks
  8. People in Need in Ethiopia
  9. Beginnings of People in Need
  10. Partnering in diversity
  11. Urban Ministry Among the Poor

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