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Ask Me Anything 2

Author: J. budziszewski
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600061936
Pages: 190
Year Printed: 2008
More Provocative answers for College Students
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Go ahead. Ask another one.

College students have real questions about dozens of real-life issues, from love and sex to relationships and wanting more. They need logic. They want reason. In the follow-up to Ask Me Anything, professor Theophilus offers both in a completely fresh way.

Sixteen dialogues about college life for young people are taken from the popular online "Ask Theophilus" and "Office Hours" series. The professor tackles hot topics like faith, doubt, friendship, guilt, and others that hit you hard in college. Rarely will your questions be answered so honestly and directly.

So go ahead. Ask another one.

  1. Learning to Think Stuff
  2. College Relationships Stuff
  3. Fleeing From God Stuff
  4. Fleeing Toward God Stuff
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Ask Me Anything 2
$17.01 with TAX
You Save$4.05 (20%)