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Nooma: Shells

Author: Rob Bell
ISBN: 9780310269458
Year Printed: 2008
Volume 20
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Do you often find yourself saying, Im so busy or I just have so much to do? Its easy to get overwhelmed with appointments, gatherings, to-do lists. But what are we really doing with our time? Many of us are running from place to place and it seems like life is just passing us by. Were doing so many things, a little bit of everything, and yet it doesnt feel like much of a life. But most of us find it hard to say no. We feel obligated. There are so many good things to do. So many good causes to join. But while we're busy doing all these good things, are we missing out on something great? Maybe saying no would be easier if we knew what it meant to say yes.

Jesus lived with the awareness that God is doing something, right here, right now, and anybody can be a part of it. He encouraged his listeners to search, to question, to wrestle with the implications of what he was saying and doing. He inspired, challenged, provoked, comforted, and invited people to be open to God's work in this world. Wherever he went, whatever he did, Jesus started discussions about what matters most because for Jesus, God is always inviting us to open our eyes and join in. NOOMAs are short films that explore our world from the perspective of Jesus. NOOMA is an invitation to search, question, and join the discussion.

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Nooma: Shells
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