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Mind for Missions

Author: Paul Borthwick
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891091912
Pages: 168
Year Printed:
Ten Ways to Build Your World Vision
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Suffering from "compassion fatigue"?

When the network news comes on and shows more Africans suffering from starvation and disease, are you tempted to switch the channel? When you read headlines about Latin American troops firing into a crowd of angry demonstrators, do you rush past it to the sports page? When you see the faces of Arabs who may never learn of Christ's love, do you feel glad you weren't born a Muslim?

You're not alone - even among believers. There is an increasing pressure on Christians today to "seek personal comfort and ease, to look for a self-centered relationship with God," writes Paul Borthwick. Instead of becoming world Christians, we're becoming worldly Christians.

A Mind for Missions can help you break that mold. In these pages you'll discover ten building blocks for sensitizing yourself or your group to the needs beyond our borders. From prayer and giving to current events and life-style choices, Borthwick leads you into practical ways of sharpening your world vision right where you live.

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Mind for Missions
$14.70 with TAX
You Save$3.50 (20%)