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Journey Series: Faith Journey

Author: Youth for Christ
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600063145
Pages: 127
Year Printed: 2008
Welcome to the Family of God

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Have you put off becoming a follower of Christ? Maybe you don�t see the importance or you have too many questions to make the decision.

Answer your questions and learn about the Savior who calls to you with Faith Journey: Welcome to the Family of God. A life of completeness, wholeness, and peace awaits.

Youth for Christ presents the Journey series, a four-part Bible study that looks closely at the basic concepts of leadership, sharing one's faith, God's kingdom, and spiritual warfare. In each study, you'll get an easy-to-read format with Scripture, stories from around the world, and lots of space to write down your thoughts.

  1. Entering a Relationship with God
  2. Who Is God?
  3. God the Father
  4. The Father and You
  5. The Son of God
  6. Jesus as Man and Savior
  7. God the Holy spirit
  8. The Holy Spirit and Us
  9. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  10. Jesus as Lord
  11. Living Like Jesus
  12. Plan for Daily Growth


  • Becoming a Loving parent
  • God the Father - A True Story
  • I Am Your Father
  • The Son
  • Understanding Salvation
  • Loving Like Jesus
  • Quiet Time Guide

Small Group Leader's Guide

  • How to Lead a Small Group
  • Group Discussion Starters

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