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Blessed Are the Meddlers

Author: Christa Ann Banister
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600061783
Pages: 265
Year Printed: 2008
Confessions of a Serial Matchmaker
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A little meddling goes a long, long way.

Writer Sydney Alexander has just hit the jackpot. After finding the man of her dreams and eloping to Los Vegas, she permanently retires her serial-dating status. And now that she's found marital bliss, her friends are ready for Sydney to apply her matchmaking skills to their love lives. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

Soon Sydney finds her well-intentioned-meddling causing Cupid chaos with friends and family. She's even on the verge of losing her dream job as her boss suffers the fallout of a failed love connection. Can Sydney help her friends pick up the romantic pieces while getting her career back on track?

Contents include 21 chapters and a Reader's Guide of questions.

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Blessed Are the Meddlers
$12.18 with TAX
You Save$2.90 (20%)