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Money Purpose Joy Workbook

Author: Matt Bell
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600063213
Pages: 109
Year Printed: 2008
Proven path to Uncommon Financial Success
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Go further in your journey.

You've made a decision to stop settling for so little in your use of money - to begin orienting your finances around what really matters, what makes life meaningful and joyful. This personal workbook, a companion to the Money Purpose Joy book will help you go further in your journey toward uncommon financial success.

Filled with user-friendly worksheets, thought-provoking exercises, and recommended websites, the Money Purpose Joy Personal Workbook will help you achieve the financial life you've always wanted - one that strengthens your most valued relationships, helps you make a difference with your life, and glorifies God.

Discover more than financial peace. Discover financial joy.


PART ONE: Where We Are

  1. Wandering from Home
  2. Financially True or False?
  3. Why We've Settled for So Little
  4. PART TWO: Where We Belong

  5. What Truly Matters
  6. What Matters Most
  7. PART THREE: How We'll Get There

  8. Finding Joy: An "Irrational" Financial Act
  9. Expressing Hope: An Uncommon Financial Act
  10. Experiencing Freedom: A Brilliant Financial Act
  11. PART FOUR: Help for the Journey

  12. Navigating with a Financial GPS
  13. Teaching Money to Dance: Part 1
  14. Teaching Money to Dance: Part 2
  15. Traveling in Financial community
  • Conclusion: Congratulations!
  • Appendix: Recommended Monthly Spending Guidelines
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