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Deliberate Simplicity

Deliberate Simplicity
Author: Dave Browning
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310285670
Pages: 201
Year Printed: 2009
How the Church Does More by Doing Less
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Less Is More. And More Is Better.

This is the new equation for church development - a new equation with eternal results.

Rejecting the �bigger is better� model of the complex, corporate megachurch, church innovator Dave Browning embraced deliberate simplicity. The result was Christ the King Community Church, International (CTK), an expanding multisite community church that Outreach magazine named among America�s Fastest Growing Churches and America�s Most Innovative Churches. Members of the CTK network in a number of cities, countries, and continents are empowered for maximum impact by Browning�s �less is more� approach. In Deliberate Simplicity, Browning discusses the six elements of this streamlined model: � Minimality: Keep it simple � Intentionality: Keep it missional � Reality: Keep it real � Multility: Keep it cellular � Velocity: Keep it moving � Scalability: Keep it expanding

Rather than the corporate, complex megachurch model of the past, church innovator Dave Browning embraced Deliberate Simplicity. The result was an expanding multi-site church empowered for maximum impact.

As part of the Leadership Network Innovation Series, Deliberate Simplicity is a guide for church leaders seeking new strategies for more effective ministry.

Dave Browning is the founding pastor of Christ the King Community Church, International, a nondenominational multi-site church with locations in twelve states and seven countries. It is named among Outreach magazine's America's Most Innovative Churches. Dave lives in Burlington, Washington, with his wife and three children.

  1. Minimality
  2. Intentionality
  3. Reality
  4. Multility
  5. Velocity
  6. Scalability
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