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Organic Leadership

Author: Neil Cole
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
ISBN: 9780801013102
Pages: 308
Year Printed: 2009
Leading Naturally Right Where You Are
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Growing More Leaders For A Greater Harvest!

What are the weeds that hinder the natural growth of godly leadership? Are the programs, people, and money truly the signs of a successful church? Where can you find an unlimited source of leaders? How do you mentor leaders so that they multiply? In Organic Leadership Neil Cole asks these questions and more, boldly challenging many of the ideas about leadership and church life that we all take for granted. After developing hundreds of leaders for thousands of new churches, he reveals how to grow leaders that multiply naturally

  1. On Being Institutionalized :Depending on the Walls That Imprison You
  2. Slaves Are Made in Such Ways: The Corruption of Christian Leadership
  3. Pharisaism Today: Protecting the Powerful
  4. Still in the Dark Ages: Contributing to Ignorance in the name of Scholarship
  5. Bound by the Chain of Command: Messed Up from Top to Bottom
  6. Viewing Life through Faulty Lenses: False Dichotomies That Obscure Our Vision of Reality
  7. Parasites on the Body of Christ: Why Some Ministries Suck ... Literally!
  8. The Secret Source of Leaders: Or, Where We Start Makes All the Difference
  9. Organically Grown Leaders: Healthy Leadership Emergence
  10. Leadership Success: Goals of Organic Leadership
  11. The New "Up" Is "Down": the Paradoxical Kingdom
  12. Lead, Follow, and Get Out of the Way: Authority Worth Following
  13. Downwardly Mobile: Following Christ to Humility and Exaltation
  14. Incarnational Leadership: Christ's Life in You
  15. Knowledge Is Not Power: Holistic Leadership Development and Theological Education
  16. The Secret to Leading Leaders: Following a Middle School Master
  17. Wax On and Wax Off: Life-on-Life Mentoring Skills
  18. Embrace Death as If Your Life Depends on It: The Cure for All That Ails Us
  19. Jesus and the Man-Purse: Payment for Service in the Church
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