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Start Becoming a Good Samaritan

Author: Michael R. Seaton with Ashley Wiersma
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310285045
Pages: 157
Year Printed: 2009
Participant's Guide
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Love your neighbor, change the world......

It starts with you. It starts today.

The homeless man wandering your streets. The disenfranchised roaming your neighborhood. The sick and forgotten pushed to the edge of your town. Let's get to work.

Partnering with World Vision and The C2 Group, Zondervan presents Start> Becoming a Good Samaritan- an unprecedented initiative that will help Christians live out Christ's love in world-changing ways, right now, right where they live.

This participant's guide to the Start> Becoming a Good Samaritan DVD experience will help you explore such issues as poverty, social injustice, pandemic diseases, the environment - and teach you how you can start making a personal, street-level impact today. Inside are discussion questions, radical but commonsense ideas, and personal applications that will help you live out your faith in ways that will change your neighborhood, your community, your world.

John Ortberg is your host for six (approx 180 total minutes) emotionally-packed sessions featuring many global leaders.

Prepare to have your eyes opened, your heart stirred, your vision kindled, and your faith focused and invigorated like never before.

  1. Becoming a Good Samaritan: Who Is My Neighbor?
  2. Caring for the Sick: How to Fight Global Epidemics and Prevent Diseases
  3. Seeking Justice and Reconciliation: How Fairness Changes People, Communities, and Nations
  4. Honoring the Poor: How Best to Serve Those in Need
  5. Tending to God's Creation: Why Environmental Stewardship Is Biblical and Beneficial

  6. Loving the Forsaken: How to care for the disabled, Orphaned, and Incarcerated


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HLBC Connections Group (Guest)
Challenged each and every one in the group to re-think how they could be Christ in our homes, church, community and in the world.
This well written, thought provoking, current study draws from the experiences and lives of an extensive list of people who know how to be a "Good Samaritan" in our world today. From poverty and homelessness to public health to the environment, we are challenged to make a difference in our world today in whatever way we feel God is leading us.

Our group found that we needed to go through the study twice in order to better understand how we could live the life of that Samaritan. That was a choice we all embraced and it was not because we didn't understand what was being presented, but we felt we just needed to hear/see things again so we could further share and discuss what this all meant to each of us individually.

The DVD format lends itself to shared facilitation, so one person does not need to lead all the sessions. The wealth of additional resources (books/articles/websites) encourages further research and discussion in areas that "hit home".

If you want to be challenged, unsettled and changed, consider "Start Becoming a Good Samaritan".
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Start Becoming a Good Samaritan
$11.33 with TAX
You Save$2.70 (20%)