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5 Ministry Killers and How to Defeat Them

Author: Charles Stone
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9780764207051
Pages: 219
Dimensions: 15 x 22
Year Printed: 2010
Help for Frustrated Pastors
Price$21.99 $23.09 with TAX

What frustrates you in ministry?

You probably began your ministry believing you'd make a kingdom difference. That dream may now seem elusive. Perhaps your journey has brought more frustration than happiness, and you wonder if it's time to move on, or out!

Every church is different, and the situations you face are unique to your setting, but common threads are found in many churches. Using customized, commissioned research from the Barna Group and others, veteran pastor Charles Stone points to five potent killers in pastors' lives:

  • A head-in-the-sand mentality that denies problems
  • Emotional investment in the wrong issues
  • Unhealthy responses to ministry frustrations
  • A Lone Ranger attitude that says "God and I can handle this"
  • Attitudes and actions that lead to lonely, hurting spouses

Stone then uses his thirty years of pastoral experience to unpack these problems so you can regain real hope and energy to continue in your calling. No unrealistic advice or simplistic solutions. Just hard questions and straight answers that will lead to healing and restoration for you and your congregation.

Deftly analyzing and applying the latest previously unpublished research, Charles Stone not only identifies major causes of frustration and burnout among pastors and church leaders but he also offers a practical plan that will:

  • Show how to defeat obstacles with the potential to kill your ministry
  • Illustrate healthy ways to respond to aggravating issues
  • Minimize the draining effects ministry places on you and your family (with wise insights from Sherryl Stone, the author's wife)
  • Demonstrate how to share with others what they can do to help

By learning to open up with vulnerability, own up with humility, show up with integrity, and speak up with courage, you can experience healing and renewed joy in service to Christ, your family, and your church.

  1. Mama Always Said Life Was Like a Box of Chocolates. You Never Know What You're Gonna Get
  2. Houston, We Have a Problem
  3. Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a ...(Why We'd Better Give More Than a ....)
  4. Schoolyard Bullies Who Eat Our Lunch (What Really Bothers Us)
  5. Punch 'Em Out, Tell the Teacher, or Skip Lunch? (How We Respond)
  6. Enjoying Lunch even When the Bullies Abound (What We Want From Those We Serve)
  7. Open Up With Vulnerability (Do You Have a Safe Confidant?)
  8. Own Up With Humility (Does What Frustrates You Jibe With Scripture?
  9. Show Up With Integrity (Are My Responses to Ministry Frustrations Healthy?)
  10. Spouse Killers
  11. After You Sell the Book on eBay, What's Next?


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