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Experience The Life Book 3 - Love as Jesus Loved

Author: Bill Hull & Paul Mascarella
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781615215577
Year Printed: 2010
Leaders guide with DVD
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The Love that flows from your life is a reflection of your Christlike character. But what does that look like? By cultivating trust in your relationships, practicing the character of humility, and submitting yourself to God, you can learn to love as Jesus loved.

Experience The Life, a thirty-week life changing series for groups, is composed of five books, each six weeks long. You'll learn how to read Scripture, think about what you read, pray over it, and live it out. Through studying God's Word, gathering with others, and learning to pray and journal, you'll experience true spiritual transformation and become like Christ.

The leader's guide contains a complete participant's guide plus discussion questions for each gathering along with a DVD for use in introducing each session.


  • Introduction
  • About This Book
    • Week One: Transformed Relationships Are the Seedbed Where Love Is Planted by the Power of Intention
    • Week Two: Transformed Relationships Thrive in Communities Where Love Is Grown in an Environment of Grace and in Relationships of Trust
    • Week Three: Transformed Relationships Remain Vital Only Where Truth Is Exercised Within the Contexts of Love and Integrity of Character Nurtures Trust
    • Week Four: Transformed Relationships Await Us Along the Journey of Brokenness
    • Week Five: Transformed Relationships Draw Their Strength to Sustain a Life of Living for Others from the Fertile Soil of Their Character Rich in Humility
    • Week Six: Transformed Relationships Marked by Acts of Submission Are the Evidence That One Fully Intends to Love as Jesus Loved
  • Leader's Guide
  • About the Authors
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