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Connect Collection - WORDsearch 9

Author: Navpress
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781617471940
Sub-title: WORDsearch
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Enjoy the entire Connect Bible study series with all the features from WORDsearch 9.
The Connect Bible study series provides a foundational study format for lifelong character transformation. Deeply biblical and rooted in Scripture, each study is relevant to real-life issues. You'll notice a grace-based approach to faith, so no matter where you are in the journey, freedom and acceptance can be yours. Explore your heart and consider the ways of Jesus for a truly transformative experience!

  • GOD: Connecting with His Outrageous Love
  • IDENTITY: Becoming Who God Says I Am
  • SOUL: Embracing My Sexuality and Emotions
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Bringing Jesus into My World
  • LIFE: Thriving in a Complex World 
  • FREEDOM: Breaking the Power of Shame  
WORDsearch 9 boasts a vibrant interface that's extremely easy to work with. It's the best electronic Bible study tool ever, and you'll see why from the moment you start it up. WORDsearch 9 puts the world's best study resources right at your fingertips, organized with such logic and simplicity that you'll never be overwhelmed by the information provided, just the discoveries they offer. Plus, you'll never have to worry about being outdated.
This Bible Software Library Includes:
  • WORDsearch 9
  • 8 Bible translations
  • More than 50 reference workd
  • All 6 of the Connect Bible studies
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, XP, or Vista

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