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It Starts with One Participant's Guide

Author: Seacoast Church
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418546137
Year of Publication: 2011
Pages: 127
Subtitle: Igniting the Passion for the Mission of the Church
Price$6.75 $7.09 with TAX
The story is not finished. It's just beginning. It starts with ONE.

The disciples understood a key piece of information that changed the world and was the foundation of the Christian church - that the mystery and power of the resurrection is what set Jesus apart from any other man who ever lived. Their bond of belief connected them and ignited the early church, but what does it mean to be the church? It Starts with One  will take you back to Acts and how the church started with Jesus' resurrection power. Week by week, you'll ignite your passion for the mission of the church - to make disciples of Christ.

A companion to the It Starts with One DVD-Based Study,  this guide is uniquely designed for use on your own, with a small group, youth group, your family, and even your entire church. You will explore several of the major themes in Acts 1-6, including the receiving of the Holy Spirit, living in community with other Christ-followers, and sharing the gospel with boldness. Through study, devotional readings, and group discussion, you will grow in your relationship with Christ and other believers as you seek to impact the world for Christ.

The It Starts with One Participant's Guide includes:
  • Six Sessions
  • Detailed study on Acts 1-6
  • Inspirational readings on the Scripture themes
  • Action steps for personal growth
  • Thought-provoking questions for small groups, families, and youth groups
  1. Changing Your World
  2. Receiving the Gift
  3. Becoming Weightless
  4. One Extraordinary Prayer
  5. The Ripple Effect
  6. Outlast the Growing Pains

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